Houkago Princess LOVE has MOVED!!!

5 Dec

This is a little late announcement-wise, however after I stopped updating the Blog, I eventually made an unofficial Fansite for Houkago Princess back in 2013. Whilst it is not in a blog format, I still have the site updated with news and such. I may not always update when something new happens, however I have kept better track with that site than this one.

The Houkago Princess LOVE Website features a bit more, as well; it may not have day-by-day updates, however it includes links to videos, lyrics for their songs, a History archive, past and present member biographies (not all may be there, however; information can be hard to come by!) and an updated discography (minus the concert DVD’s they have released, sadly).


I apologise for disappearing suddenly from here; At the time I did that, I was focusing more on my own blog where I continued to update on HouPri, however I failed to do so here. Again, I apologise.

Hopefully, you will find the new website a little more useful. One day I might return to this blog with frequent HouPri updates, who knows?

Please, visit the website for Houkago Princess LOVE HERE! I worked hard to build the site for fans of the group who can read and speak English, so if this is helpful, then I am happy!

Until we meet again.



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