Houkago Princess: Let’s TRY! Vol. 2

9 Feb

Ikebukuro TV, a regular online updater of activities on anything happening in Ikebukuro, has updated their youtube channel with a new video featuring Houkago Princess. The video itself is only 4 minutes long, however it still shows the cuteness of the girls.

Houkago Princess: Let’s TRY is basically short segments of the HouPri girls taking on challenges or tasks for the fun of the audience. Volume. 1 showed the girls blowing kisses to the camera and saying their names. That first video is very cute, and can show how confident or shy the girls are.

Volume 2 shows one of the first realy challenges that the girls have to do which seems to be common in Japan: Eating something that is usually quite nice, with the twist that one of these sweets has something nasty in it. The sweet that isn’t pleasant will be picked out by one of the members, but who will choose it?

Despite how short the video is, it was fun to watch – especially with how the girls chose the sweets and tried to figure out if they were the ‘bad egg’ of the bunch. It just showed another side to these girls, and was entertaining. I hope that everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!

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