Houkago Princess ~A Sports Festival and Graduation Ceremony~ Part 04

1 Jan

Houkago Princess’ recent stage, ~A Sports Festival and Graduation Ceremony~ has been updated on Ikebukuro TV’s youtube channel with part 4. This part is over 22 minutes long, and is the last part of the concert.

In this part, the graduation ceremony of Yamaguchi Mai starts after the girls sing their song ‘Sukidayo (Egao)’ and a new song titled ‘Daisuki’ before announcing to Mai ‘Mai, Daisukki!’, with all the members proclaiming their love for Mai.

The girls each give their individual messages to Mai, and even though I don’t know what they are saying, it is very sad and heart warming. Both Rena and Aoi were present for the graduation ceremony, giving their messages to Mai as well as everyone else.

After the messages are given, the girls do a performance of their debut song, ‘Houkago Princess ~Oshiete Kudasai~’ with all the focus being on Mai as the girls point and sing to her, and chant with the crowd ‘Mai’ at the end of the song. Even though it is an eded clip, it’s very heart warming to watch.

I will honestly say that, during the part where Yumeka read out a message, it was very heart breaking. The closeness that she must have had with Mai is very obvious here, as she had a hard time talking. All of the girls must have given loving messages to their friend, and the tears they shed made me cry as well.

And this is the end of the concert. I really enjoyed it personally, and the last part is very heart warming, so be sure to watch HouPri’s performance.


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