Houkago Princess ~A Sports Festival and Graduation Ceremony~ Part 02

30 Dec

Ikebukuro TV’s official youtube channel has uploaded part 2 of HouPri’s concert ~A Sports Festival and Graduation Ceremony~ in which HouPri member Yamaguchi Mai graduated.

In this part of the concert, we see the girls split into two teams to perform two different songs. Nana, Mayuka and Yuuki are in the ‘black’ team and sing a song called ‘PURE HEART’ to the fans in mature black dresses, whilst Yumeka, Mai, Hitomi and Sakino are in team ‘White’, and perform a different song called ‘Sukima’ whilst wearing cute, princess-like white dresses. Between these two performances, there is an MC between the girls.

Sadly, throughout the performance of the song ‘Sukima’, it is edited halfway through to shorten it, which is a shame as it seems like a really cute song. However, despite this both of the songs were performed well by the girls, and though the dancing was a bit awkward, it looks like everyone had fun. Personally, my favourite song was ‘Sukima’, but I enjoyed the cool tone that ‘PURE HEART’ had.

If you still haven’t seen these girls perform in part 1, be sure to check it out. Hopefully, part 3 will be released soon. I can’t wait to see the performances, as it seems that the Sports festival will start, considering Aoi came out in a pink tracksuit at the end of the video for Part 2.

~Go here for part 1~


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