Houkago Princess to hold a Karaoke Live

26 Dec

It has been confirmed that Houkago Princess will be holding a Karaoke live on December 30th, 2011, to celebrate the end of the year. This will be HouPri’s 6th concert, and will be the last of the year.

The doors will be open 12:30pm and the karaoke will start at 13:00pm, and will be held at HouPri’s theatre, WHITE BASE Ikebukuro. Tickets cost 2000 yen, as far as I know.

Whilst I have no skills in translating Japanese, I know that there are translators that can be used, however, they are always poor quality and make little to no sense sometimes, so if any information is wrong, I apologise.

Apparently the members of HouPri will be split into two teams: The ‘Clearance’ team (white) and the ‘PURE HEART’ team (black) will go against each other in a Karaoke contest.

This seems to be a fun way to the end the year for this cute group, and I hope that a lot of people attend to show their support and to spend New Years Eve with a group they really like. I’m glad that HouPri are so active with their theatre and fans, especially as they are still so new and unknown right now.

You can find all schedule information on the HouPri website, here.

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